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A collective movement addressing coastal plastic waste

Bahari Moja is a community led initiative aiming to find solutions to the blight of marine plastic in the absence of waste management on Kenya's remote North coast. Situated in the Kiunga Marine National reserve, Bahari Moja was formed by communities affected by the tides of plastic overwhelming the coastline and in turn threatening general health, livelihoods, ecosystems and marine-life.
           Bahari Moja is a Community Based Organization registered as Kiunga Bahari Moja. It is part of the Kiunga Conservancy Wildlife Association (KICOWA), a Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) member conservancy. Together with private and public sector partners Bahari Moja aims to address the dramatic impact plastic is having on the environment and the communities who depend on healthy ecosystems for their livelihoods; by collecting, sorting and recycling plastic waste; by raising awareness on healthy waste management, and by creating tangible economic and environmental benefits for the communities affected. 



tonnes collected from 2019-2022


eco bricks made in 2021


community beach cleanups since 2019

Our Core Values 


The participation of local communities in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve as partners in our work.


Positively impacting the environment by actively removing marine litter from the Kiunga Marine National Reserve.


Enabling a system that show tangible benefits for the community from efforts to protect and maintain a healthy ecosystem. 


Looking for innovative solutions together with partners that bring plastic waste to the forefront and work towards its elimination.

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